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Our Vision

We are committed to making the provision for the elderly, to feel part of any community and to know that their lives matter. Together, we aim to leave a worldwide lasting legacy of love, care and dignity for the elderly.

The Founder


Cllr Sade Bright. Former Civic Mayor of Hackney (2006-2007)
LBBD Cabinet Member for Employment,
Skills and Aspiration.

                                                Councillor Sade Bright is Cabinet Member for Employment,                                                        Skills and Aspiration in Barking and Dagenham, working closely                                                  with businesses, schools and colleges, higher education                                                              providers, charities and community groups in this role.

She is the Founder and President of The Sapphirez women’s organisation and The Pennu Charity for older people. She supports and fundraises for many nominated charities including Age Concern UK, St Joseph’s Hospice Hackney, Richards House Children’s Charity and The Bright Free Maths Project. She founded Extraordinaire, a project geared to mentoring young women and girls through her Political and Leadership Mentoring Academy, training and empowering young people to take up leadership roles in the community. There are currently over 100 young people benefitting from this project.

Skill Acquisition, Empowerment and Development Program

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