Pennu Charity is a new UK registered charity, with registration number 1168247.

It was established to promote good health and well-being of the elderly in the United Kingdom by charitable means (charitable under English Law) as the directors see fit from time to time for public benefit.

We generally do this through our events, outing, clubs and befriending initiatives etc.

We work with our well vetted partners to fulfil our vision as an organisation and to ensure the elderly get good benefits from our services to them.

The elderly of any country cannot be ignored in the development and advancement of the country which is why we are leveraging on our trustee’s experience in governance, finance, nursing and politics to get as many elderly people as we can reach globally, especially in the UK to connect with Pennu Charity.


We are quite aware that elderly people both men and women are under-represented in our societies and often, people forget to appreciate their hard-work and contributions to the economy of the country.

So, what we have been doing at Pennu Charity is to help families and the government appreciate these precious people by promoting good health and well-being for the elderly.

We provide information to our service users and their families in the areas of:

  • health care
  • safety at home
  • personal care
  • their benefits
  • their rights
  • clothing for different seasons like winter time
  • environment
  • nutrition
  • bereavement
  • retirement
  • transportation
  • social care
  • life skills
  • post retirement employment
  • post retirement business ideas
  • savings
  • banking
  • empowerment